Apple iOS Camera?

Apple iOS Professional Camera?

While you may think this article is going to be about cell phones, you would be wrong.  This article is about the future of all professional cameras.  The premise:  What if a professional camera had the Apple iOS installed?  As we’ve seen in the consumer camera industry, an operating system (OS) like Apple or Android, can make a simple device, such as a cell phone, just crush an entire line of products industry wide.  It’s just a fact that small consumer camera sales have become virtually extinct, and it happened in less than three years!  When Apple introduced the iPhone, it had a small camera on-board that could take decent pictures, but today, these same cameras take stunning pictures.  Why in the world would anyone buy a consumer camera when they can own a device  that connects them to their family and friends, while taking stunning pictures, for the same, if not less, money?

How did this occur?  The operating system.  The Apple iOS environment, and the Android environment are truly the only two operating systems that all of us experience.  We might brush up against the Blackberry operating system, but not likely.  In their 24th World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) just a few days ago, Apple gathered together their community of developers for their annual conference to disclose new products and thank the millions of developers that contribute to the Apple experience.  What most people don’t know about this conference is this: “Apple has more than 6 million programmers developing their product!”  All I can say is … Wow!  Personally, I love to watch this conference on my Apple TV because you get an inside glimpse at what’s coming this fall.  To say the least, just when you thought that everything would plateau and new ideas have vanished, the WWDC shows you how wrong you are.  The new products coming out this fall are mind blowing!

So what does all this have to do with professional cameras?  What could an OS do to the professional camera market?  To put it simply, make it explosive!  Imagine your Nikon D4 or your Canon 5D having many of the features of your iPhone.  Not just features like sharing images on Facebook and Twitter, but performance improvements that would update while you sleep.  My wife and I both have Apple iPhones and she has a slightly newer model, of course, and both of our phones couldn’t be more different.  Her camera takes pictures and videos with stunning clarity and mine does a great job, but nowhere near the quality of hers.  The difference?  A slight difference in hardware configuration, but the software is where all the magic takes place.  Now imagine your professional camera with these same capabilities.  What if you could talk to your camera?!?!

  • “Nikon, pull up today’s videos, beam to Apple TV, and start with the Victoria Secret lingerie shoot.”
  • “Time index VS1 (name of the video), and run from 10:37.”
  • “Start Final Cut Pro (because it will be installed on your camera, and synced to your computer!!!) and splice from 10:37 to 10:48.”
  • “Swipe transition, now paste 11:14 to 11:18.”
  • “Paste all cuts into Victoria Secret template and play.”

Mind blowing!  But that’s what we “could” be doing with our professional cameras if they had a built in operating system.  Is it on the horizon?  I’m betting it is.  How do I know?  Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy consumer camera.  As you’ll see, Samsung is running the Android operating system in a consumer camera model.  This tactic of testing a platform with consumer cameras is what all the big camera companies do before they roll it out on their professional platforms.  Samsung’s going to use the “open source” platform of community development to bring the OS into focus for camera users and then, after they see a few improvements, they’ll release an OS for their larger professional cameras.

Now if you keep up with technology, as I do, as a hobby or profession, you know that the Apple iOS ecosystem outpaces the Android OS by 3:1.  Knowing this, could you imagine the technological leap that Canon or Nikon could make if they jumped on-board the Apple iOS platform to improve their cameras!  Every single day, Apple adds roughly 4,110 new developers to their iOS platform.  Just over 1.5 million in 2012 alone, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.  I would bet that Canon, or Nikon, or both, are already gearing up for this technological leap.  And when they make that leap, it’s going to happen fast and it’s going to change the performance and the way we interact with our cameras that few could imagine.

So is this going to happen?  Absolutely!  You know how much Apple hates Samsung.  Even though they do business together, Apple will not be outdone by a punk running the Android OS.  Thank goodness Apple has this bad attitude, because it’s good for all of us.

As Ken Jennings, Jeopardy champion, put it when he played IBM’s Watson, “I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords.”  Technology is neutral and beautiful, used properly, we’re going to see magnificent improvements in our lives that we couldn’t imagine just five years ago.

Rock on my fellow professional junkies!  You and your camera will be kicking ass and making it look good all at the same time!

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  1. Sticky Pod June 18, 2013 at 9:48 am #

    I think this article backs up what I’m saying here. Even Spielberg and Lucas are confident that the movie/film industry are going to make dramatic changes, and soon.

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